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If you follow me on Twitter you might already know that I did a spot of hair modelling for my very lovely hairdresser on monday. She has been a qualified for years now but went back to college to upgrade her qualifications and is entering a contest with Wella and used me as a model. My hair is something that I get asked about quite a lot and I often get quite a few compliments from you guys which is very lovely so I thought it might be helpful to break down exactly what I have done to it style and colour wise. 

Normally I get my hair cut and coloured at her salon but this time we did it at her college and had around twenty beauty students and an ex Vidal Sassoon stylist all stood staring at my hair is quite daunting. Having already decided what the plan was for the cut and colour a few days earlier it wasn't going to be a big change for me luckily. We stuck to the base colour which is a rich medium brown and then to add something a little bit extra natural dimension and shine I had highlights throughout a half shade lighter than my base. For the cut it was to freshen up the style I already have which in technical terms is completely blunt at the back with a long front graduation to frame my face and a full fringe which is cut into. For the first time in years I feel that I am finally happy with the cut and colour of my hair, after so long of playing around with different styles and possibly every colour under the sun I have something that really works for my face shape, style and complexion. Over the past year I have learnt how important it is to have a good relationship with your stylist or colourist, they will know what is the best steps to take with your hair and give you something that works for you and the lifestyle that you have. I am very lucky in the respect that my hairdresser is my best friends mum who are basically a second family to me and now I won't let anybody else go near me with a pair of scissors. 

I have also been trying out some new styling tools for the past few weeks which had lead to some amazing discoveries. Tangle Teezer contacted me about sending over some brushes and how could I say no when I already adore the original one so much? So I have been testing out the Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash* and the Compact Styler* for a while now and here are my thoughts. Some might not agree about brushing your hair whilst in the shower but when I have put conditioner on the ends I like to brush it all through to make sure it is evenly distributed. As the Aqua Splash* has been designed to have no gap between the bristles and the brush it doesn't allow water to get into it, also with the small little feet it can be stood up to dry quicker. I absolutely hate having a hairbrush in my bag and then lifting it out to discover everything in sight has stuck to it so the Compact Styler* has got this issue sussed. It comes with a small attachment that simply clips on to protect the bristles from becoming damaged and stops anything getting in them that shouldn't. Both brushes run through my hair with ease just like the original and make getting those knots out is a much easier procedure, another two knock out products from the brand and are definitely worth giving a go. 

It takes a lot for me to stray away from my beloved ghd straighteners but when the Toni & Guy Precision Straightener* landed on my desk I thought it would be good to see how they compare. When I opened them up I couldn't believe how tiny they were, I always love miniature things I swear it is a girl thing. Then I realised how perfect they would be for the nights that I am at my boyfriends and other occasions when I'm not at home. Now how do they perform? To be completely honest if I was given a pair of ghd's and these and styled one half of my hair with both of them I would not be able to tell them apart. Having ceramic plates they glide through my hair with ease and don't pull or stick which has happened before with heat tools the only downfall is that you can adjust the heat. If you have really long thick hair I would not recommend these just because they are too small and won't be affective at all in keeping a style in the hair. However if like me you have shoulder length locks this is absolutely perfect for especially with my fringe as the plates are small I can work with them better. At £30 these are a complete steal in my opinion and if ghd's aren't in your price point or if you are a guy after something to style your tresses with I would give these a go. 
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