My hairs best friends

I discuss the hair products that I love all too often on here but it is a rare occurrence that I talk about the tools I use. There is only so much that my volumising products can do for me style wise and over the years I have narrowed it down to the bare essentials that I need to require whatever style takes my fancy that day. I don't give these items enough credit and I feel that I take them a little for granted sometimes but here is something to say well I just love them. 

First is the heat tools, whilst I am quite aware heat is very damaging on the condition of my hair and retaining the colour I just can't leave it as my hair is cut into a style that requires it. When my hair was shorter and before I rekindled my love affair with a full fringe I never used to blow dry my hair unless I had to but now I need to dry my fringe into style especially. I have been using the Toni & Guy Touch Control hairdryer for a good few years now and it is still going strong, having full control of the heat and power of this is unbelievably useful. Of course the next item is an absolute staple in my routine and that is my ghd's, they have seen better days lets be honest but nearing five years of service they have served enough time. I cannot fault ghd's for the quality of them and how long they keep the style in my hair, they are pricey but for me they have been worth it. The Enrapture Totem Styler is the latest heat appliance to join my arsenal and I will never use a straightener to put curls in my hair again. This gives the most beautiful soft waves and glamorous curls due to the different heating settings you can set the barrel to. 

Much like make up brushes I rely all too much on my hair brushes too, I do try to not brush my hair too often though probably around twice a day so I don't cause any breakages. For a day to day brush I use the Tangle Teezer which makes any knots that I might have much less painful to try and get rid off and I don't seem to lose so much hair since I have used this which is nearing three years. When I am going to blow dry my hair I like to use a traditional shaped brush to lift it up at the root, for my fringe I heavily rely on a barrel brush to create volume and lift. During the styling process I use any sort of comb just to smooth everything out and I find my hair will curl a lot better by doing this. Some will frown upon the use of a dressing out brush but this is the one thing that really helps to create volume in the root by gently backcombing a few layers, I know it isn't the greatest thing to do but it just something that helps me to have the style I desire. 

What are your favourite hair tools?
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty