The Perfect Red..for now

Turns out I am not very faithful to red nail varnishes am I? Not even a month a go I was telling you how much I was loving these reds and don't get me wrong I still love those shades but I think I have found the one. Essie by far are my favourite brand when it comes down to nail polish the shade range, the brush, the formula, the bottle design just everything. 

Last year my favourite reds from Essie were Snap Happy & Bordeaux but both them lean on a certain side of red of Snap Happy being orange toned and Bordeaux being a richer more burgundy shade. Enter the true red Aperitif I had seen this floating around on Anna's blog a few times but never really given it a proper look but since picking it up a few weeks a go it has been the only thing to grace my nails. This is a true red, the kind of red I imagine myself to wear if I lived in Paris and ate croissants daily (I can keep dreaming can't I?) that real classic red, I always love the combination of red nail polish and gold jewellery it looks so simple and pretty.

Some people really struggle with the lasting power of the Essie polishes but personally they are the one's that last the longest on my nails. I can get up to a good 5 days without any chips out of an Essie manicure which is really as long as I need it to last because I tend to switch up my colour choice pretty often. As I said since I picked this up a few weeks a go (thank you Boots advantage points) it is the only thing I have been wearing and you know you really love a shade when you remove it just to put a fresh coat of it back on. Until a few days ago however it was removed and I am now donning a gel manicure which I did myself thanks to my sisters christmas & birthday gift so expect a post on the pipelines as I am pretty amazed at the simplicity of doing it myself. 

What red is your favourite?
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty