Oh I get it now

Does this product even need an introduction? I think not, we all know what it is and what it does by now. I have openly really disliked Batiste for years now there was just something about it what I really could not get on with, the white cast it left in my hair left me looking an old lady and I didn't like how it made my hair feel. This has been sitting in my stocks for months and I thought it was finally time I properly used it to see what all the fuss was about, if my boyfriend likes it so can I, maybe?

I completely understand why so many people adore it now, especially for adding that bit of bounce to your tresses. The key to this product is rub rub rub and rub some more just for good measure, I can't leave it on my roots for too long otherwise I will still have some sort of greyish tinge them but on a hat day it is completely fine. Even on my gross day three hair it still manages to bring some life back into it especially my fringe, dry shampoo really is is a full fringed girls best friend a couple of spritz and it is bought back to life. The amount I use and how much lighter the bottle is feeling already is a little bit off for me as I don't think I could get a full months use out of a 200ml can which is worrying. There are so many different variations of Batiste now I will probably give some more of them a go in the future but for now I can finally see why this is such a hyped product. Although I prefer the Dove StyleCare Dry Shampoo over it if I had to make a choice between the two as the Dove one is formulated with starch so doesn't leave a white cast but it isn't quite as volumising for me. 

Are you fan of Batiste or can't hack the white cast?
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty