It works for me

All too often I hear about people turning their back on products they absolutely love because of someone else's opinion. Being a beauty lover I can get easily influenced by others and I completely hold my hands up here and I admit I have stopped using products in the past because of a mass opinion over ruling mine. When you look at it is really is silly to do so, like the age old saying 'If somebody else jumped off a cliff, would you?' no of course you wouldn't so why am I going to stop using products that work for me due to others opinions. 

Most of this comes down to ingredients and what you look for in your products and if you like a green approach to your beauty regime. Overall I do like to be a little careful with what I am putting on my face in particular I have spent years getting my skin under control and I don't want to tip it over the edge. Two products that are renowned for being controversial within the beauty community are the Philosophy Purity cleanser and good old Sudocrem, I have used both of these for years now and never had a problem with them and I like to have them on hand as I get on with them perfectly fine.  Another one is the great mineral oil debate, Sophie did an amazing post on this entire thing and I could not agree more with her, some of my most loved products contain the 'devil ingredient' and I could not care less they work for me and that is what matters. 

I love the world of beauty blogging and the insight it provides on so many products and I will research something multiple times before I buy it but ultimately only I can make the decision on how it works for me. No matter how much your skin type can be likened to someone else's it still isn't the same and you will react differently to a product. Advising somebody on a nail polish shade isn't like giving advice on someones skincare routine which is why I don't like to on here, sure I can tell you how much I love my Effaclar Duo till the end of time but it might not be right for you. This year one thing I said to myself was to stop getting so sucked into hype or hate around certain items and stand by own judgement and listen to my skin first rather than a mass perception on things.

I would really love to know your guys opinion on this kind of thing
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