Pampered Pins

The winter months are the time most of us get a little bit lax with the shaving routine, as it's rare that my legs are actually bare I am not so bothered about it but even I get to a point when they start to feel a little more like a yeti than girl. Sometimes I wish I had listened to my mum when she told me there was no rush to start this habit at the grand old age of 12 and of course she was right. So now I have been shaving for 12 years I think I have learnt the best method for me, waxing is something I have considered but I have always been a little on the fence about it. 

Exfoliation is key to getting silky smooth pins and I am currently using the Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Scrub, I like exfoliators that have a paste consistency to them so that they cling to the skin whilst wet and don't just slide off a cheaper option is Soap & Glory Pulp Friction. After I have buffed away at my legs I will then go for either an oil,moisturiser or hair conditioner, not quite your typical things to shave with but I am not a fan of foams as they tend to be so drying. I first learnt the conditioner trick off my sister who read it in a magazine somewhere and since then I have always remembered it. It makes the job so much easier and leaves a much smoother finish to the skin, much like moisturiser it nourishes the skin as I can find my legs feel a little dry after shaving but not since using this method. 

Oils are a new world for me and something that took me a long time to get into but I won't be ever looking back now I have seen the light. They give the skin a beautiful slip to it so the razor just glides so easily and leaves my legs so smooth, although I tend to do this for special occasions only as it feels like a little treat. I'm not particular when it comes which razor I use but I do prefer something that has a little of cushioning around it as I find I don't tend to get any little nicks. We have all been there when we have caught ourselves shaving and it ends up looking like we have murdered something in the bath or shower. 

Have you got any shaving tips?
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty