Shiny New Things

I didn't really share what I got for Christmas on any form of social media but when some of those presents involved some beauty treats well I just had to. This is the first year I didn't ask for anything in particular as there wasn't anything I felt I needed apart from one thing which was a diary which my best friend delivered on that front. So here we go, these are a mix from my dad, sister and boyfriend and I feel my boyfriend deserves a round of applause for entering a Space NK alone.

Considering how much I love the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation I haven't tried much else from the brand, the body products are something I always hear a lot about and mostly about how delicious they smell. The Almond & Coconut scent is pretty damn dreamy, really who doesn't want to smell like a warm piece of batternburg? The set also came with a candle which I am using sparingly as it is the first 'luxury' candle I have ever owned but even when it isn't lit it kicks of a pretty powerful scent. Having a big sister who enjoys Bumble and Bumble hair products as much as I do works in my favour and when she spotted this holiday gift set in an outlet she snapped it up. I was getting to the end of my mini surf spray and thickening hairspray so these were well chosen and I haven't given the other two products a try before so I am looking forward to giving them a thorough testing. Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay currently stands as my all time favourite fragrance so when I unwrapped the full size bottle from my boyfriend I was pretty thrilled. Well actually I'm lying I told him off first because this stuff is close to £100 for the 100ml and lets face it that isn't a purse friendly figure. 

The Philosophy shower gels are the products I always give a good sniff whenever I am near a counter but I just think they are too expensive unless they are in a half price sale like now. However when I saw that they had a peppermint scent this season I couldn't let it go, apart from smelling like a battenburg I also like to smell like an After Eight too. I finished my first pot of the Dior Creme de Rose not too long a go so when a fresh pot arrived on Christmas day it was a relief to know I had a good 6 months of rose goodness before having to re-purchase it again. I love Origins skincare that is no secret here and after having such good results with the Make a Difference range one of their moisturisers had been on my list to try for a while. So far I have been using it as a night cream and whilst I am enjoying it I don't know if I love it quite as much as my Origins Night-a-Mins so I think I need a few more weeks with it till I can form a proper opinion. L'Occcitane is always a shop where I like to go in and just fawn over the packaging but never seem to buy anything, I have used one of their hand creams before as it was a freebie in a magazine and it was lovely to use. I love the packaging on the little mini's and can we just all take a moment to appreciate how beautiful that soap is? 

Did you get any beauty loot for Christmas?
p.s I feel silly for writing this and disclaimers like this belong on YouTube but I am in no way bragging about what I was lucky enough to be given for Christmas I just thought it might be nice to share the beauty bits thats all :) 
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