You're No Longer Welcome

There is no denying that I love beauty products and have an ever growing collection of things to try and see if they can reach that ever coveted holy grail status. Some products however have reached the end of their stay in my dressing table, some of them I have grown tiresome of and some just seem never ending. I don't dislike these products but I can't bring myself to really love them either and here's why. 

Out of all the things I seem to buy lip balm is something that I  have a never ending supply of but this one from Palmers just isn't living up to my expectations. I expect a slight amount of tingling with some lip balms especially if my lips are particularly quite dry but this makes me feel like my lips are going to start swelling any second which isn't quite my desired look. My love for Origins skin care is undoubtable and the Clear Improvement mask was the first mask I purchased from the brand. I can't deny that is a good mask and it does exactly what it says on the tube it clears my pores out but I am left with so many spots afterwards and I don't find my pores are really that congested. For a clarifying mask I much prefer the Organic Surge First Class Mask* which not only gives my skin a deep clean it also hydrates it too. Next is a product that when I parted with the £50 I was so pleased to have in my collection, at the time my skin very troublesome and whilst it didn't do anything bad I didn't see a massive difference either although it did wonders for my sunburnt forehead one year. I don't know if I gave it another go now I would notice more of a difference in my complexion as it is much clearer nowadays. 

In the summer when I have more colour in my skin I like to reach for the Dr Jart Water Fuse BB cream as it makes for a lovely base but it is simply to dark for me in the winter months. I don't really think a one colour suits all system is beneficial to a success of a product and a more defined shade range would be better for this one. Nearing the end of my teen years (nearing four years a go now sob sob) I loved this Collection 2000 mascara but after picking it up again sometime last year it just doesn't seem to have the same affect on my lashes or maybe I have just been spoilt with more expensive options. I have owned this Benefit Bad Gal eyeliner for longer than I care to admit and have barely used it in those years. I find it simply too chunky to use, even though the product is a good one I don't seem to get on with such a big liner. If I was into my smokey eyes I am sure it would be perfect for that but everyday it is far too much for me. However Benefit have changed the packaging of this product which was a smart move. Finally is something from Rimmel, by far my favourite 'drug store' brand it is reasonably priced and offer some lovely products. This eyeshadow quad is not something I would say gives the brand the justice it deserves, it's extremely shimmery with a lot of a fall out and don't last long on the eyes at all, Sleek offer far better quality shadow palettes for a similar price and 10 fold better quality of shadows and more selection.  

Do you have any products like this in your collection?
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty