The Joys of a Messy Bun

Love them or hate them you can't deny that feeling when you have come home from being out all day and running upstairs and putting your hair straight up on top of your head and away from your face is a good one, it is that or taking of your bra I can't figure out which one is better. Apparently the messy bun isn't a particularly desired hairstyle from the male perspective, but really are they ever going to understand? I am not about to stop wearing my hair up because a guy doesn't deem it attractive look but that could be a whole other post. 

For a good 6 months straight in 2013 I wore my hair up and I cannot tell you how many good things it did for my locks, wearing it up can be damaging if you have it very tight but loose and relaxed it does it the world of good. Not using any heat appliances for that period of time and letting my hair just be felt so good and it is something I need to do again especially when I am just sat working all day my laptop and dog don't care about appearances. Some of us might do this just when we are in the comfort of our own home but personally I think there is something really pretty about a high bun especially when paired with a bow at the back and nobody will realise you haven't washed your hair in days. When I got my fringe cut in I found it quite difficult to get the look I wanted but then I remembered Kate did this handy video on it and it solved all my bun woes. 

Maybe it is my undying wish that I was actually French and lived in Paris and walked around in my all black outfits, red lipstick, Chanel classic flap bag and messy bun just looking effortlessly chic. As none of that is actually true or likely to happen in my distant future I will just have to stick to the enjoyment of all those things just without Paris or the Chanel bag. If you have hair anywhere past chin length you will understand the daily frustrations we all encounter like hair stuck to your face, getting it in your eyes, chocking on it (has happened more than once), not being able to see anything if it is windy, making you so hot in the summer your neck starts to sweat and all the other joys it brings. There is none of that faff once it is up on top of your head, like in Lemony Snicket I always tie my hair up when I know I have lots to do so bun = business. 

Are you a fan of the messy bun?
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty