Home Decor 101 pt 5

My bedroom constantly changes around day to day but a few days ago I was having a little bit of a spring clean and I got completely carried away and re-arranged absolutely everything in sight. The triggering factor in this was that I desperately need a desk to sit and work at so after a few attempts I got the idea to turn my tray table over and now I have the sweetest little space to work at. It isn't the most practical thing in the world but it will definitely do till I have the money to change my wardrobe to make space for a real desk.  

Maybe it was the festive period and all the rich hues that comes with it but I felt like my room needed brightening up so I altered somethings around and I couldn't be happier with it. Even though I still live at home with my dad I feel like this is the first time I have ever had complete control over the decor and style in my bedroom, having to go through university with ugly pine furniture and blue carpet and sharing a room with my ex boyfriend who hated my feminine style of decor. Now I don't have any of that to deal I can finally have my little sanctuary and nobody to tell me off for it being too floral or too white. 

I also wanted to take this post as a chance to say a huge thank you to all of you because yesterday I hit 3000 bloglovin  followers and I cannot express how much this means to me I am so amazed at that figure. I made the decision the other day that I will now be posting 6 times a week instead of 4 as I finally feel I have a steady stream of strong content that I'm ready to take that jump. I hope this is something that you guys will enjoy as much as I enjoy putting the posts together :)