Exceeding Expectations

Sometimes my expectations are too high and sometimes they are too low, really I am just like the goldilocks of beauty. Maybe it is better to not have your hopes too high and that when we aren't disappointed when something doesn't quite deliver what you wanted. However when you pick up something on a whim not really expecting well anything from it and then you use it and you are just bowled over with just how much you do like it there is something wonderful about that feeling So here we have the products that have completely exceeded my expectations. 

Skincare isn't an area I tend to stray away from what I know and love because it has taken so long to keep the spots at bay I like my complexion to stay blemish free. I heard a lot about the Super Facialist range by Una Brennan through various blogs and they were always glowing so when the brand was on some sort of deal I picked up a couple of masks. My favourite is the Tea Flower Deep Clean Purifying Mask this helps bring anything lurking in those pores out but it doesn't leave with a face full of spots afterwards which is my problem with other clay masks I have tried. As well as giving the skin a deep clean it also pretty hydrating which is something that you need when you are giving your skin such a thorough cleanse. I have quite a few multi purpose balms knocking around my stocks but the one I like to slather on any seriously dry patches is the Boots Botanics Super Balm, this is a balm consistency but once warmed up it turns into an oil. I have had this little pot a long time now and barely made a dent in it because you only need a tiny amount, although I am lucky and my skin is relatively normal sometimes I get flaky dry patches around my eyebrows and nose so all I do is pop this over my moisturiser and leave it to work its magic over night and the next morning they are gone.

I hold my hands up to the fact when I first heard of pillow sprays I completely scoffed at the point of them but at the same time was desperate to give one a go. I do think something like this is a complete luxury and not a necessity and the Neom Lavender Pillow Mist* is just that complete luxury, normally I am not a huge lavender or jasmine fan but there is something about this spritz all over my bedding that is absolutely heavenly. I have real trouble relaxing in bed I wish I could because I think a good nights sleep would do me the world of good but this certainly makes the whole experience that much nicer. The Body Shop is not somewhere I would ever think to buy a perfume from it just isn't a store that springs into my head when I think I need want a new fragrance. Anything honey or bee related I am there in an instant so obviously I love the entire Honeymania range and I was actually surprised how long lasting this perfume was for I think about £8 it is a complete bargain.

Natural Collection was my first foray into make up apart from the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse and the blushes in particular are my favourite. The shade 'pink cloud' is something I will always have in my collection just because I think it beautiful for the £1.99 price tag, the packaging isn't that bad either to say which is normally the issue with really cheap cosmetics I'm looking at you MUA. Another blush which is one of the favourites I have in my collection is the Look Beauty Make Me Blush in Rosy it has beautiful pigmentation and as it has some shimmer running through so whenever I wear this I have never need highlighter. I am pretty sure this blush will also last me for a good few years too because I have had it over two now and used it so often and never even made a dent in it. Apart from Essie the other brand that dominates my nail polish collection is the Rimmel 60 Second polishes, I have so many shades of these now and even they can go gloopy after a couple of months a little bit of nail polish remover does wonders. The formula of these polishes is long lasting and only requires a couple of coats to be completely opaque and can last a good 4/5 days before considerable chipping occurs.

What has exceeding your expectations?
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty