Puppy Love

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will know exactly who this little bundle of joy is, she is my three almost four year old West Highland Terrier Bella. Throughout the majority of my life I have been absolutely terrified of dogs after I got bitten by an Alsatian when I was a child and even now I do still get a little scared around dogs. Having a blog post completely dedicated to her has officially pushed me over to crazy dog lady status I know this but next time you see me I will be sporting a westie fleece...not really but still highly likely at some point. 

We had always had pet bunnies right up until I was 18 and the death of the last one was just so painful my mum couldn't bare to tell me when she passed. I had always wanted to own a dog but we couldn't because my mum was allergic but sadly she passed away when I was 19 and a year later my sister decided to buy a puppy. There was lots of reasons why we wanted to have a dog but the biggest factor was having a companion for my dad and to be completely honest if we didn't have her my dad probably would have died of a broken heart which sounds awful but true if you have witnessed somebody become a widow you will understand this. I still remember the day we went to go and pick her up as her and her brother were the only ones left out of the litter, at the time we didn't know but Bella is actually the runt and is still tiny and half the size of a regular Westie. Having a dog is a huge commitment and not one to be taken lightly, they require a lot of attention daily and also financially are pretty pricey, as she is a pedigree she was around £300 to buy but I would always say to adopt a dog if you can. We didn't adopt a dog because we were so specific on what breed we wanted and the traits of a Westie suited our family the most, if you are going to buy a dog never ever buy from a puppy farm I don't want to get into this topic so if you do want to know why you shouldn't support such a disgusting business just do a google search. Estee has an amazing story about adopting a greyhound which I am sure we know all know about but if not it is so helpful if you were thinking of rescuing a dog. 

I literally can't imagine my life without her now and I could cry on queue at the thought of her being taken away, to say she brings joy to our lives is a complete understatement. She is the biggest bundle of love and just wants to be friends with everyone, my best friend and boyfriend are quite aware of this my boyfriend especially she literally lays in his arms like a baby would kissing him. Before my sister got rushed in to hospital to have emergency surgery in 2012 Bella laid on the floor next to her her whilst she hugged a lemonade bottle apparently it was making her feel better, it is amazing how much dogs tune into your moods and just how much they can pick up on. If I have been out the house she will give the most almighty fuss and gets so excited luckily she doesn't piddle everywhere like she did when she was a pup but still it is the nicest welcome home you could ever want. Although when she clambers onto my pillow trampling all over my face/hair when she wants to get in bed with me at all times of the night I always think I should be furious with her but I can't bring myself to be mad at her as I am a complete push over. She isn't obedient either and believe me it is not through lack of trying for months and months but half the time she pretends she doesn't know her name and likes to chuck my pillows everywhere to get into my made bed she has no time to be tidy when she wants a nap. I used to travel a lot due to being at university and having a long distance relationship and I used to miss her so much it was unreal and now I have been living at home for a while even when I am away for one night I can't wait to be re-united with her little face.

There are so many things that I love about being a dog owner and of course there a couple of things that I don't love so much like when she rolls in horse poo mainly but she has become a ray of sunshine in our family. I believe until you are a pet owner you don't quite understand the amount of unconditional love that they give, I have had a tough time this week and she has just sat by my side or on my lap when I am trying to type mostly. Even though she isn't do anything but just sitting with me it is one of most comforting things to have and if I ever cry she without a doubt always licks my face which isn't the most hygienic thing but it is her way of showing love. This blog post might seem a little bit of the blue for some of my newer readers but this little pup gets a lot of love online and in real life so I thought it might be interesting to share a little more about her. So here are some puppy pictures & video for everybody to have a good aww at on a sunday morning.