Lip Liner > Lipstick

Lipsticks are my favourite beauty product to buy but it is my least favourite to wear and it all comes down to my sheer laziness. Don't get me wrong I wear a red lip at least once a week but there is just something about wearing lipstick that seems like an awful lot of hard work and then I have to worry about it slipping around and ending up on my nose or teeth. A glossy lip isn't for me at all so generally I tend to steer in the matte direction and this where the joy a lip liner comes into play. 

During my teen years I would have never gone near a lip liner as the horrific memories of brown outlined lips with a nude gloss type of affair going on still haunt me. As it is no longer the 90's I don't think I have seen anybody don that combination in years and so the land of lip liner seemed like safe territory. No red lip is complete without a liner as a base anyway if you really want it to last but sometimes I just skip the lipstick and wear the liner on it's own. The best lip liner I have found to compliment a red lip is the No7 Precision lip pencil in Fire which I reached the end of a while a go and picked up this Rimmel Exaggerate liner to give a go and it doesn't even come close to the No7 equivalent. Then there is the Lord & Berry Kissproof liner in Blossom* which is the perfect shade for those days I want to keep things pretty basic as this shade is akin to my natural lip colour. As a pencil is a little drying I always prepare with a the Lush Mint Julips and then pop on a little bit of the Dior Creme de Rose to add hydration.    

Do you prefer lipstick or a liner?
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty