From Roses has a workspace

After moving back into my old bedroom and doing it all up a year a go I didn't ever get round to buying a desk and there became a point where I was spreading my work over every possible surface when I had to get things done. As I work from home I cannot stress how important it was for me to separate my work into it's own space and I could set my self allotted hours to work to and from like everybody has within a job but I am sure everybody who is a freelancer understands how hard it is to switch off. So a few weeks a go my Dad took me to IKEA and we picked up a desk for me and you will not believe how much happier I am to have a proper workspace for all of From Roses needs.     

The desk is the IKEA Micke which was the perfect size for the space I had for it and as it has a draw it means my ridiculous amount of notepads have a place to live as well as a packet of custard creams at all times. It also has a tray at the back for my wires and I can't be alone with my hatred for how untidy cables can look it drives me crazy. The chair is the IKEA Terje  which I will admit now is not the comfiest thing to be sat at for 10 hours a day but the cushion makes it more bearable but I have learnt not to sit with on it with bare legs that is for sure. A mechanical lamp is something I had wanted for months but never had the right surface to put it on so when I found this one in the ASDA sale for a mere £10 I picked it up without a doubt. Having a play around with the objects on my desk has become probably become my new favourite thing to do and even since taking these photographs things have changed again. Although I do still dream about having a home office I simply do not need one but I am sure once I move out I will fulfil my dream of a dressing room / office which I am sure many of us lust after. By far my most loved things on my little workspace are my rabbit that holds scissors and paper clips and the bookend that my dad crafted out of old mechano for me. 

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty, Interior