Minimal Skincare

A few months a go my skincare routine had got the point where it was just far too many products to be using at once and I wanted to strip it back to the bare essentials that I needed. My skin gets easily congested which leads to breakouts and just generally looking very lack lustre so cutting down on the amount of products I have been using worked a treat an now things are generally a lot brighter and healthier. My golden rule for my routine has always been cleanse, tone and moisturise and that is what I have tried to go back to with some added extras like a exfoliating toner and brightening serum. 

Philosophy's Purity Cleanser is an old favourite of mine, no it doesn't contain the purest of ingredients so the for namesake it is pretty ironic but I can forgive it. Currently this works as my second cleanser in the evening time and it delivers everything I need it, it removes all remaining traces of make up whilst deep cleaning my skin without leaving it feeling tight or stripped. Some people just don't get on with toner but for me it is the one step in my routine that really makes everything feel ready for the rest of the products I follow with, the Organic Surge Orange Flower toner* is currently my hydrating toner of choice. Gently formulated with orange flower and aloe vera it helps to refresh and give the skin a pick me up without the use of harsh chemicals or alcohol. I have really cut back on the amount of serums I was using and I have actually stopped using the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo which is shocking I know but I wanted to see how my skin faired without it and how much a difference it had been making and the difference in the texture and tone is pretty considerable. The one serum I have been using though is the Dr Perricone Vitamin C Ester 15 Serum*, now lets get this out of the way this stuff is very expensive at £99 for a tiny 40ml of product and for me whilst I think it is a wonderful product it is not worth the high price tag. It has made my skin look a lot brighter and the general tone has improved as well as feeling a lot more plump and firm, as I am only young I don't have too much to repair so I think something like this would be lovely on more mature skin. Finally is my moisturiser of choice which is the Origins Make a Difference Plus + and at first I wasn't really wowed by this but the more I have used it the more I have noticed it helping with hydration which is something I struggle with. Using this both in the AM & PM it gives me enough moisture at night but not so much in the morning that it slips around so if you were looking for a moisturiser that is suitable for both I think this one is ideal.

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