If you are new to my blog then you might not know that I have a first class degree in photography editorial & advertising which I got at the University of Gloucestershire. I have never really shared my work online and there is no rhyme or reasoning to this I was just never that confident about it so didn't feel like it was worth sharing. I really struggled at uni trying to find my style because I never seemed really enjoy a particular genre until the end of my second when I just started year when I started to take pictures of the things that I like so putting that into a type it is lifestyle & still life. When I graduated I actually didn't want to take pictures at all anymore I wanted to own my magazine which I still do it is my dream but I never wanted to be the one behind the camera but now it is the complete opposite, I absolutely love that I get to take photo's ever single day and that my audience (you guys) seem to really love them too which makes me so happy. 

The A-Z of things organised neatly 

It is obvious from any of my home decor posts I am a really organised person, I always have been I am pretty sure the years of my mum and her obsessive ways just rubbed of on me so when we had a book project I couldn't think of anything better than to an A-Z of things organised neatly.

Made for You 

This is probably the body of work I am most proud, it was my final project and was exhibited in London as well as the rest of my classes work. Magazines are the thing that I love most about the creative world and throughout my degree it was the one thing I always had so much interest in so I wanted to make my own. I worked with graphic designer Maddie Amor and then I worked as editor, photographer, re-toucher and writer as well as commissioning other photographers to have work in it too who are David Swailes , Sally Rose McCormack , Leah Evans and Alice Green.


Having your own photographs that have no brief set to them and real solid reason behind is important, they are the pictures that will probably be your most treasured so here are some of mine.


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