Origins Moisturisers

My love for Origins skincare is no secret on here it is the first brand that I ever completely felt like my skin took too so I have tried plenty of their moisturisers. I have a high criteria to meet when it comes to what day and night cream I use I demand more than just hydration like the princess I am oh no I need more. I don't like to use just one product for both day and night either because my skin requires completely different things at this stage and season. These moisturisers are not cheap coming in at around £37 a tub but to me they are completely worth it and last a good 4-5 months. 

As I don't wear a separate SPF I like it when my moisturiser already comes with one built in as who doesn't love a 2 in 1 apart from shampoo that stuff should no longer exist. I have said before that my main skin concern was getting rid of all the scarring that has been left behind from cystic blemishes and the Brighter by Nature range does this with ease. Two tubs of this later it has lifted the scars on my face a considerable amount and makes my skin look brighter and when I do have any blemishes they tend to heal a lot quicker when I am using this. This is much better in the summer when my skin doesn't require as much hydration as this and is more oily as it seems to make my complexion quite balanced leaving a ever so slightly matte finish. 

The Origins High Potency Night-a-Mins is the closest I have come to a HG night cream in all the ones that I have tested. It is a thick buttery consistency that not only hydrates it also aims to re-new and revitalise the skin by sloughing away dead skin cells. I only have a few uses left of this I seem to do this thing when I don't like to completely use up a product just incase I need to desperately use it does anybody else do this? Personally I don't think this re-news my skin as much as it claims to do but it definitely does make it look brighter and rested and keeps any breakouts relatively calm. My skin even though is a little oily it does get deeply dehydrated which leads to it looking dull and the real technical description; blurgh and this really helps with that issue. It is the only night cream that I would purchase again because I enjoyed the results so much and it smells like chocolate orange which is a great bonus to any product. 

AM & PM 
Just leave a link to this song here first because when else am I going to get a chance to include it in a blog post? The Origins A Balanced Diet was the first moisturiser I had used from the brand, at the time my skin was very spotty and oily and I needed something that was still going to hydrate the skin but not turn me into an oil slick. I was using the Liz Earle Skin Repair for oily/combination skin and was never that wowed by it and I like to think that Balanced Diet is everything that the LE wanted to be. It has a fresh peppermint scent that makes application just that bit nicer and sinks into the skin in no time at all and keeps the oil at bay and hydrates any dry patches. 

My latest addition to my Origins family is the Make a Difference Plus + moisturiser which I had always heard glowing reviews from Kate she loves this entire range and consequently now do I. Now my skin has calmed down and touch wood I have not had a breakout in months it isn't my main concern anymore it is more hydration. I am really rubbish at making sure I drink enough water so my skin does tend to look lack lustre but just dull but since I have been using this it has improved beyond belief. I had always heard about people saying that their skin felt plump but mine just never has until I started using this day and night, I notice especially when I am applying my foundation it just looks so much plumper and feels it too it accentuates my hamster cheeks even more but who cares. I will probably stick to this option until it starts to get really warm and then probably switch back to my Brighter by Nature due to the high SPF.

Have you tried any Origins moisturisers?

p.s just a small disclaimer I don't like to advise people on skincare because it is such a personal topic, I also know some people don't agree with the ingredients that Origins put into their products but they have always worked well for me so I will always continue to use their products. 
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