A family affair

I tell you about my favourite things on a daily basis but I am not the only beauty lover in my family my older sister is a just as much about her neutral eyes and glowing skin as I am. I know how much I love snooping around other peoples make up collections and handbags, we must all have this ingrained urge to know what other people use on the daily. It is pretty obvious who my sister gets her beauty recommendations from here as your about to see.  

Sarah is a primary school teacher so her make up needs are as simple as possible in fact the only time I see her actually apply a full face of make up is when she and her partner go out for dinner never once for a day at work. Over the past year she has been on leave from work due to under going two major surgeries in 2013 which is why if you see in her skincare routine she has a cream to try and improve the appearance of the large scar down her stomach, so if have tips for easing redness of scars please leave below. You might have guessed she is a fan of the neutral eye and a radiant cheekbone, not much on the lipstick front I am afraid just one from MAC in the shade Politely Pink. 

Even though the majority of our skincare is the same we have the exact opposite for what our complexion desires, Sarah suffered quite bad acne as a teen and was terrible at picking at her spots even though our mum would always tell her not to so she still has some scarring even now at 28 but doesn't really suffer with spots anymore. Her skin leans of the side of dry so it needs that boost of hydration so if she does wear make up her base will always be a tinted moisturiser or the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat. Hair wise Sarah is a blondie although naturally a brunette like me so her tresses need a lot of moisture putting back into them and for that she loves Ojon and Bumble and Bumble especially the oils they offer. 

I thought I would include this gem of a photograph from our childhood when my sister wasn't exactly my biggest fan she wanted my mum and dad to take me back to the hospital when they bought me home. She did enjoy organising her dolls and Sooty puppets and her favourite Minnie Mouse teddy which she still has to this day into height and size order and then popping me at the end though. Now however we are literally inseparable we see each other single day without fail and are so close she is my favourite person in the world. Really I don't know where I would be without her supporting me with everything I do and sitting with me at every hospital and Dr's appointment I go to and getting me through university even when I felt like leaving. 

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