Pretty Packaging

I hold my hands up now I am a advertisers dream when it comes to packaging I get completely suckered into the dreamy exteriors that house skincare and make up. We all know that we should never judge a book by it's cover but sometimes it is hard to not find yourself drawn to the YSL and Chanel counters gazing lovely at the lipsticks like they might be your first born child. On my dressing table I tend to have a lot of make up out on display and I always like to showcase the items that look just so darn pretty. 

So here we have some of the brands and products that really hold my heart when it comes to design, I could have included a ton more but these are the ultimate favourites for me. If you have read my interior posts than you will known that I like things that are white and by like I really mean utterly adore. So of course the Dior Creme de Rose is an utter dream to me as well as the beautiful product inside it which I have already waxed lyrical about in this post. Another lip balm I am absolutely barmy for the Smiths Minted Rose balm, although the formulation is akin to that of vaseline it gives the lips a slight tint as well as hydration, final lip balm ( I am a complete addict) and the Korres lip butters tick all boxes for me, colour: check hydration: check colour co-ordinated packaging: check. The Topshop make up packaging is a favourite amongst us beauty bloggers and it is easy to see why the simple black and white aesthetic works so well although it is a complete pain to keep clean I can't complain. 

On the more high end scale of proceedings how could I talk about packaging and not include YSL? There aren't many words I can think of about to talk about that stunning gold casing even if it does show finger prints that is worth it for how beautiful it looks placed on my dresser. The Stila Convertible Colours are one of my favourite make up products to date and I do have to admit that the cute casing did draw me into them at first, like the Korres LB's they colour co-ordinate the packaging to match the product inside and that is like kryptonite to me. Returning back to my obsession with all things white we all know how much I adore Essie anyway but there is a little part of me that dreams about having a whole nail polish filled to brim with those little white tops. MAC aren't known for there particularly exciting designs apart from a few limited edition collections but there is just something about their lipsticks that pull me in, sleek and chic they look lovely lined up in my Muji storage. L'Occitane is always a store I longingly gaze into as I walk past it but it is very rare that I make a purchase from it apart from the stunning almost tapestry affect lipstick, the colour is something I wear quite often too but I can't deny I did pick it up up just for the beauty of it. The last item is the this limited edition bottle of Stella by Stella McCartney, I believe she does this every season and this is my far my favourite, I have been thinking about how beautiful it would look as a tiled floor actually but that is a whole other obsession. 

Are you a complete sucker for packaging too?

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