Stationary Staples

My obsession for stationary is no longer a secret anymore we are all aware of my penchant for pens and too many Rifle Paper Co notepads than I will ever need. Out of all my years at university I learnt there are some staple stationary products that could come in handy for everybody at some point. Whether you are a floral fan or you have more simple design aesthetics in mind I have got all bases covered by this point. 

It is easy to see which brand of notebooks I gravitate towards it is generally Rifle Paper Co and Moleskine and there a few reasons for this, the designs are always beautiful I am currently lusting after this special edition Minnie Mouse Moleskine [insert numerous heart eyes emoijs here]. Not only is the design spot on but the paper quality is just lovely to write on, now this is inner paper stock geek coming out but there is nothing better than a good gsm. Other notepads I love are these from Muji and the majority of things in Paperchase where you can always find some gems at so many different price points. Your local Sainburys and TK Maxx are always a place to have a little hunt too, I have found Moleskine and Pantone in my local TK. 

I remember at school being a firm fan of the blue Papermate pens and even since then I have become quite the pen snob. Through university I only used an ink pen as there is just something special about writing in ink and whilst I do still dabble in ink now and again my current favourite is my Orla Keily biro. I have not yet met a person in life who doesn't appreciate a Sharpie or 15 of them, my latest addition to the clan was this gold one which makes my headers just that little bit more pleasing to the eye and I'm thinking the bronze one would be just as pretty.  

Labels & Post-it's: 
I have worked my way through a book of Cath Kidston labels and now I am steadily making my way through these Rifle Paper Co ones which I got from Amazon. I like to have different notebooks for each aspect of my life so for example I have finance, idea's, to do and so on and having a little system makes it easier to find my way round. Attractive post notes are pretty difficult to find and the best place I have found are actually Wilkinsons, they always have some sweet little ones which is where I found these striped numbers. Nothing to do with labels or such but this little scissor and paper clip holder which makes in appearance in many a Instagram snap has become quite the necessity on my desk. 

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