True Blue

Baby I love you..I'm sorry I just couldn't resist continuing that Madonna song it is why this post has it's title after all. This shade will always be Beyonce Blue to me and as she is Queen B (sorry Blair) how could I not love such a pretty colour? It all started of with Nail's Inc Baker Street which is the original that our beloved B sported way back when but when a nail polish costs more than £10 I just cannot justify it. 

Enter my £2 solution to the beautiful shade and from what I can tell it is identical and surprisingly good in formulation. Miss Sporty is a brand that brings back many memories from being a teenager but I never really rated them, enter this polish which is the shade 320 Pop Fiction. I never expected to like this as much as I do, I hold my hands up I was pretty judgemental but it was nice to be proved wrong. The formulation and brush are something I would expect from the likes of the Rimmel Salon Pro range or even Essie, it has a wide brush which makes for a fuss free mani and the formula held up pretty well. I have always been a fan of blue shades on my nails but always leaned to more a pastel type of affair but to me I find this almost as classic as my beloved reds which is a bold statement if you are regular reader you know how much I love a red manicure. If you were wondering when I apply any polish I always use a base coat which is currently Sally Hansen Maximum Growth and use the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat to finish, yes the ingredients in Seche Vite are hardly desirable but I am always amazed just how good it makes my nails look. 

Have you tried a shade like this?
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty