Love your teeth too

There is a distinct lack of posts on oral health in the beauty community and I can't work out why. Looking after your teeth is so important there are so many reasons why but I won't bore you with that as it seems pretty obvious why. I may run the risk of sounding like your parents when you were a child but you should brush morning and night without fail, no matter how tired you might be or had one too many always make time for it. 

Luckily I was blessed with pretty straight teeth so I never had to endure braces but since 2011 I have had issues with grinding my teeth in my sleep or when I get angry or stressed I clench them quite badly. This has resulted in me needing to sleep with a night guard which is possibly the most un-attractive thing but if I don't I can wake up with nasty headaches and my jaw can become very sore. I also have a problem with severe mouth ulcers this is linked to a digestive disease that I have but I can up to 10 ulcers all around my mouth,gums and tongue at a time and in all honesty I find them so painful that I don't even want to speak if they are really bad. It might sound silly but having a good oral regime is really important especially if you are a smoker or a red wine/tea/coffee drinker, it is up there for me with the likes of my skin care routine and I take that way too seriously. 

Investing in an electric toothbrush might have been the best £40 I ever spent it has completely changed the condition of my teeth and I actually look forward to brushing my teeth, sad I know but it is true. I have the Oral B Trizone 1000 and I like this because it vibrates in intervals to let you know when it has been two minutes. You are meant to replace the heads every 3-4 months I believe but I have been using this one for nearly 8 now and it is completely fine. Colgate is the brand of toothpaste that I stick too because it is the only one that won't give me a mouth full of ulcers like other brands do, I have used the cavity protection range since I was a child and always just stuck with it. A little tip that my dentist taught me is not to rinse after brushing so that the toothpaste works it magic on your teeth for longer, also brush your tongue makes me gag but I have too. Flossing is something that I cannot stand to do because my teeth are so close together I find it quite painful but I know it is important to I persevere with it so I use the little picks like this as they work better for me. I switch between mouth washes depending how my mouth is and the first is Corsodyl which isn't very glamorous but necessary when I am so prone to ulcers. The second is the Sainsburys home brand mouthwash and this is what my dentist recommends to all his patients over the expensive brands like Listerine. 

Not quite my usual post but I do think this something that is more spoken about on beauty blogs, Sophie also did a post like this last year which you can read here, it should be noted that I do go to the dentist every 6 months like we all should and have regular cleanings too from the hygienist. 
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