A dreamy lip duo

Whats that? A striped top and a red lipstick, oh how different and out of my comfort zone this is. Of course unless you didn't notice the sky high level of sarcasm there, this isn't out there or different for me at all. By now I don't think I even need to mention my obsession with Paris and the effortless chic that the girls across the water just seem to ooze. Sadly I will never be a Parisian as my blood is completely British so I will just have to pretend that I am by other means. 

The hunt for a good red lipstick is probably one that will never end for me but the Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in 'Standout' is damn close. I was a little concerned that this wouldn't be easy to apply and it is quite a thick pencil but I find this so simple to get a fine line finish with I think I might even use this a replacement for lipliner. Although it is marketed as a matte I wouldn't really put it into that category as it leaves a satin type finish on the lips but it does however last a good 6 hours without going patchy or flaky. With all my lipsticks I like to exfoliate my lips and then use a lip balm underneath so I don't suffer with any dryness. When I first used the Nuxe Réve de Miel* I knew instantly that it would be perfect to go underneath any lipstick especially a matte formula. I used to use a Burt's Bees one as I found that the lipstick and the balm formed a bond and it really helped to set everything down into place. The combination of these two give me one the best bold lip formulations I have ever used and it also gives off a mint chocolate orange scent which is just an added bonus. 

What is your perfect lip combination? 
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