A Little Luxury

If you had a rifle through my dressing table you would be able to see I am highstreet girl at heart, I always have been and probably will always be. However throughout the last few years I have grown a fondness for some luxury items here and there, sometimes it good to splash out and treat yourself to that one item you have been eyeing up for years. I like to consider these items in my collection to be true princess products, no they aren't a necessity at all but they sure do make me feel fancy. 

Oils are something that just scream luxury to me and NEOM are the perfect brand if you are looking to divulge into some. The Real Luxury Organic Body Oil* is something that as you can see that I have throughly enjoyed using, I apply this whilst my skin is still damp and let it sink in. If you want your skin to look like your a Victoria Secrets model then I highly suggest using something like this, I have never seen my legs look so plump and radiant which you can see an example of this here. Another NEOM product I love are these little bath and shower oils which I have found to be amazing for shaving your legs, it gives such a slip the skin that it makes the boring chore of shaving an absolute dream. The amount of people I have heard wax lyric about Laura Mercier body & bath products is more than a few and I can see why, thanks to that lovely boyfriend of mine he presented me with the almond milk & coconut trio and candle at Christmas. As it is my lifelong goal to smell as much like a slice of battenburg that I possibly can it was obvious we would get on from the start, the body cream and bath melt are the cream of the crop for me. Although these are seriously expensive alone I would probably just wait till Christmas when they bring out another set. Finally is my beloved Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay cologne, there is just something about this scent that I can't describe. Not only does it last all day long, you really don't need a lot of it either as it quite strong (but in a good way). I am such a sucker for Jo Malone anyway and everything about the brand is desirable in every way and I'm currently talking myself out of buying the macaroon and almond candle *insert heart eyes here*.     

What are your real luxury items?
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