Another acrylic set up

I had grown a little tiresome of my Muji draws they weren't holding enough for me anymore and I wanted to keep things on my dresser more organised than I had currently got them set up. So I was hunting around for some storage ideas and I remembered that my local TK Maxx always had a good selection of acrylic items in so I picked up something a little larger so I could store more than just my everyday beauty items. When I first started blogging I really wasn't a fan of the acrylic storage units but nowadays I have such pretty beauty items I want to see them all laid out for me to gaze longingly at.

As you can see I have organised my lipsticks in some sort of order so that I actually remember to use them as that is the one of the area's I tend to just skip. I have also managed to work out how to store my Jo Malone Perfumes in a way that works better and then have no chance of toppling over now and smashing all over the place. Then I have displayed my favourite every day items that tend to have the most dreamy packaging up front and boring things like concealer and brow gel have been stashed to the back as they aren't so pretty to gaze at. Whilst I was playing with my new set up I alternated the skincare products on my metal tray from IKEA that I like to rotate the every couple of weeks or so. 

Are you a fan of acrylic storage? 

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