Sweatin' it out

Deodorant is a less than pretty subject but a necessary one as lets face it girls we all have sweat glands and perspire. Having a good deodorant in your routine is a lot more important than I might have first thought and last year when we had those blistering summer months, when I learnt that I could sweat from the back of my knees I also began the hunt for something that could give me better protection in the heat. I used to swear by sprays but it soon became apparent that these did nothing to actually help on a hot day apart from making a sweat spray concoction which nobody wants.

Rollerballs are something that remind of being a child and my mum used to use the brand 'Mum' and they just seemed a little old fashioned to me as at school sprays were all the rage. I'm sure I'm not the only one who remembers after PE the cloud of aerosol spray that used to fill the changing rooms and right up until I was 22 I still stuck to those sprays. I had heard a few people talking about the wonders of the Mitchum Advanced Control 48 hour control so I picked it up on a whim whilst doing the food shopping and haven't looked back since. This really does seriously protect you from anything, it got me through the summer without an ounce of sweat however it is a little drying on your under arms so if that is a sensitive area for you I wouldn't advise this one. Another slight niggle for me is if I wear black clothing which lets face is a a regular occurrence this can leave white marks which a big no no for me. So that is when I use the Garnier Mineral Invisible anti-perspirant this doesn't leave a horrible line of white down my black dresses but it doesn't feel as strong as the Mitchum so it is a toss up of what I will be doing that day as lets face I am not a runner by any means. Now I have the wonders of the rollerball I don't think I will ever return to sprays although I am curious of the more stick styles that Dove & Sure have to offer or maybe a more natural option. 

Are you a spray or stick kind of girl?

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