Hide Away

The fact I didn't buy a concealer till the age of 21 is something that might shock a lot of people. It wasn't because I didn't need one I just could never work out which one might be suitable for me This also happened to be at the same time that I really got into the blogging atmosphere and the Collection Lasting Perfection was ruling supreme. I stick to the high street when it comes to concealer because it fulfils my needs I don't think even the high end offerings could beat these babies. 

When I don't have a raging posse of spots scattered amongst my face I try not to use concealer all over and let my foundation do its job but my under eye bags always need the helping hand. Many a illuminating pen has come into my life but none of them have delivered like the Rimmel Wake me Up. It seems have the perfect shade to conceal but then the luminosity to brighten too without being too stark giving that reverse panda scenario. Even though this is so brightening I have found it surprisingly good at counteracting redness on any blemishes which leads me to the next product. The Bourjois Health Mix which is a little dark for my skin a lone but I like to use this under my main spot concealer as really does cancel out any horrible tones in the skin. By far the best blemish concealer I have found is the 17 Stay time unlike the Collection offering this doesn't cake around any imperfections as why would we want to bring anymore attention to them? It not only offers a high level of coverage it also hydrates the skin so I imagine it would just as well under the eyes too. I could completely forgo the foundation stage if I wanted too and that is quite the statement to make but this concealer really is that good. 

What is your favourite concealer?

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