Belle Beauté Français

You only have to glance at my blog or Instagram to know I have a penchant for Paris and parisian style is kinda an on going love affair for me. So obviously it is no different when it comes down beauty and skincare I have a soft spot for products that originate from the beautiful city. Those girls have got it down when it comes to down to that glowing yet effortlessly natural complexion with a bright lip to boot so I will do anything to follow suit. 

It isn't a secret how much I adore La Roche Posay as a brand I have never used a product I didn't like but when I heard about them reformulating the Effaclar Duo* I felt my heart sink. This is the number one reason my skin is so much clearer and the texture is so much smoother and my pores look less like molehills but they have just improved on what already is an amazing product by adding in something to help with scarring which I welcome with open arms. I had ran out of all my favourite exfoliating toners and when wandering the isles of Boots I spotted this which is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Astringent Micro-Exfoliant Lotion and decided to give it a whirl. Unlike the others I have tried this contains salicylic acid rather than glycolic acid which my skin adores but I am fairing pretty well with this. Like the name suggests it is pretty astringent but on my oily prone skin is works a treat at clearing up any blemishes and makes them tingle which always makes me think it is doing something that little bit more. Finally is quite a cult product amongst beauty lovers, the Nuxe Reve de Miel* is something I have heard many a lip balm lover wax lyrical about. Unlike anything I had tried before this a matte balm which took a while to get used to but now I understand the hype and when a product smells like a Terrys chocolate orange I am sold. Under matte lip sticks I can't imagine anything more suited for the job as we all know that a matte lip might look pretty but it can be a hardship for our lips. Escentual are currently offering 1/3 off all French pharmacy brands through March so head on over to get yourself a treat or too. 

I bet you were expecting a red lip in here but I am afraid to say you won't find anything of the sort but what you will see is this stunning Yves Rocher Grand Rouge lipstick* in Rose Eclatant. Creamy, opaque, nourishing and a shade that once spring hits will be gracing my lips most days, also lets all just take a moment for the rose gold packaging. My mascara tastes have changed lately I am not going for such dramatic lashes and something a lot lighter and doe eyed for the warmer months. The Yves Rocher Volume Vertige mascara* has been doing just that, it provides enough lift and the brush coats all the lashes with ease and no matter how much you work this up you won't see a clump in sight. Bourjois will always have a special place in my heart as I always remember stealing my sisters as a teenager and it is always a brand that I have gone back to. The release of the Bourjois Java Rice powder is something that caught my eye instantly, not only is the vintage packaging adorable but the product inside is beautiful. The loose transparent powder smoothes out the complexion and adds luminosity whilst setting your make up too but avoiding that heavy matte appearance some powders can give.  

What are your favourite french beauty products? 

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