Masks on Rotation

Out of all the areas in my skincare routine masks are something that can get lay there in my vanity neglected. As much as I love them and how well they work on my skin sometimes I just forget or can't be bothered in all honesty. Ever since we entered into 2014 I vowed I would get myself in the habit of using at least one once a week and I have stuck to it and my skin is much happier for it. I have said it before and I will again my skin is easily congested so it can look dull, tired and just generally rubbish but having this trio in rotation have changed that. 

To clear out everything I don't want lurking in my pores I have been using the Una Brennan Tea Flower deep cleanse mask. A great budget option (as is the Organic Surge one) it beats any high end clay mask I have ever tried, my main issue with this type of masks is that they can be far too drying or they are just too purifying. This mask tackles both these issues as it hydrates the skin as well and brings out all the blackheads to the surface as well as any other nasty stuff hiding in there but doesn't leave me with a ton of spots after. When my skin is stressed and looking blotchy I have been reaching  for the Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief which was passed along to me by Jenny as she didn't get on with it. However my skin loves this and I mean seriously loves this, whenever I am stressed, hormonal and just down right irritable I slather this on. It instantly calms my skin down and if I do have any blemishes it helps take any redness out them I would imagine it would also work well if you had any sunburn. Finally is the latest addition to my rota and it is the Liz Earle Intensive Nourishing Mask* like the Origins it is great on stressed skin but not only does it sooth it also hydrates so it depends on just how rubbish my skin is looking which I go for. This mask is a mere £14 and the Origins £35 so if you struggle with angry red blotches like I do then I highly suggest looking into this, it works an absolute treat.

What masks do you currently have on rotation? 
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