Spring Style Additions


So yes I am being a little hasty here, clearly after last weekend when the sun graced us with its presence for a good few days I might have got slightly carried away, bare legs and everything. Now I have been brought back down to earth with an almighty gale blowing and rain spattered on my windows and yesterday I even had to put my parka back on. Spring has officially spring now and I know I can't be the only one slowing adding some more sun appropriate pieces to my dreary wardrobe and re-discovering some old faithfuls.

Those beautiful printed high waisted shorts were a gift from Pemba Boutique and they are the Amazon Nuance Green* style. I'm not one who usually goes for a lot of pattern but there is just something about these shorts paired with a black cami and those Primark peep toes that have got me itching for summer. Something that was mighty popular way back when was the dove grey Zara messenger bag which I am pretty sure everybody owned but I still reach it for every spring. Then there is the bag that I use all year round but especially in S/S it barely leaves my shoulder and it is a vintage tan satchel that I picked up on Brick Lane years ago (it is also the exact same shade as my new peep toes). Finally a pair of denim shorts that have had residence in my wardrobe since I was 16, yes these shorts are 8 years old and still fit like a glove. Nowadays the hunt for a pair of shorts that doesn't show the entirety of my bum seems to be never ending so this pair will probably still be my go to for a good few years yet unless they give up the ghost. 

Have you been adding anything more spring like to your wardrobe? 

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