Old Flames

As much as I love picking up new products I also like the thrill of looking through your dressing table and falling in love with some old flames. I try to rotate my products as much as I can but once I find a routine that works for me I tend to stick to it like glue. So things go unloved and forgotten about even though I know how much I love them I'm just a little bit of a floozy with my beauty stash.

I hate myself for how much I love this lipstick as it is limited edition, MAC Cut a Caper was re-released a couple of years a go and I have never seen it in a collection since. I'm actually not a huge peachy pink fan but there is something about this lipstick that is just so right, I wish I could wear it everyday but I am so scared of running out of it. Another MAC product is the Mineralise Skin Finish in 'Soft & Gentle' which I go through fits and starts with if as I can use it for months and months every day without fail and then I will go months without touching it. Whenever I leave it for a while I seem to forget just how beautiful it is on the cheeks, it doesn't contain chunks of glitter or shimmer just a lovely sheen. Another highlighter is Benefit High Beam and it's a real old favourite for me, I either use this slightly mixed with in with a more matte base and it can add a lovely glow. I reach for this more when I travel as it is such a tiny bottle it is so easy to just chuck in my make up bag. 

What are your old flames? 
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