Playing with Oil

I am a big fan of oils, for my hair for my body but my on my face? It slightly scares me even though I am quite aware that an oil even on oily blemish prone skin they can do wonders. Personally my skin can be quite sensitive to natural ingredients but there was something that about the Balance Me Radiance Facial Oil* that made me think that we could get a long. As I had simplified down my skincare routine a considerable amount I couldn't think of a better time to give this a go.

First of all I don't know if the rollerball packaging is the either the best thing or a breeding ground for bacteria so I have been avoiding applying this directly to any blemishes to try and avoid the issue of them spreading. I roll this around my face in the evening after cleansing, toning, effaclar duo'ing and then I mix this in with my moisturiser which is the currently the Organic Surge Overnight Sensation Night Cream* and it works a treat. This does exactly what it promises to do it boosts radiance and helps when my skin is a little worse for wear with blemishes etc. I know others have found this to help with blemishes and reducing scarring and personally I haven't noticed this on my own skin. However I have noticed that my skin is feeling a lot more balanced these days and not so dehydrated or congested which are two of the main issues that I have with my skin. The ingredients list is a complete dream for my skin and hasn't made it feel heavy or weighed down and it can be used in the morning too if my skin really requires a kick. Since adding this into my routine I haven't felt the need to reach for any hydrating masks such as the Una Brennan Rose Intense Moisture Mask or the Origins Drink up Intensive and prior to this I was using them both at least once a week and it managed to replace them both. 

Have you ever tried an oil?

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