Hold up, wait a minute, maybe I'm a blush addict?

I am really hoping that somebody else knows what song I am quoting in that title, think MySpace circa 2007. Out of all the products that I buy a new blusher is up there with being my absolute favourite, the shade choices are endless as well as what is the best formulation? liquid, powder or cream I have given them all a whirl. Whilst I clearly have enough compacts to last me for the next ten years I am still always on the hunt for more, I should probably go to blush rehab and confess my pretty little habit. 

As the weather is warming I have been leaning towards the cream formula to add a sheen to the skin and by far my favourite has to the Stila Convertible Colour in the shade Lilium. The packaging, the formula just everything about this is absolute perfection for me and I doubt I will ever meet a cream blush I love just as much as this. For more cream to powder formulations I either go to the Topshop cream blush or the Bourjois cream blush, although Topshop do offer a more vibrant colour range I find they just work as well on my pale complexion. True liquid formulations come in the form of the Benefit Benetint and Natural Collection liquid blush which I believe might have sadly been discontinued now. 

For powder I am a Natural Collection pink cloud girl through and through it was the first blusher I ever bought and I will continue to buy it as long as they make it. Benefit have my heart a little bit but they have some fierce competition from the likes of the Sleek blushes and the Look Beauty blushes which are absolutely beautiful products for the price. When my skin was much more on the oily side I would have never dreamed about using a cream blush as I was worried about it just slipping around on my skin and they were always more of a high end product but since the high street bought so many options we are a little spoilt for choice. 

What is your favourite blush?

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