The best of Bumble and Bumble

In general I stick to the high street when it comes to my haircare and never thought I would stray from the brands I know work wonders on my hair. Until I got introduced to Bumble and Bumble just over a year ago, I had always heard bloggers waxing lyrical about the products and the Surf Spray is so sought after I just had to give it a go. I have yet to try something from the brand that I haven't liked so it always just makes me want to try more and more and next on my list is definitely the Dryspun Thickening spray

A shampoo and conditioner were the last items to join my collection and they are the BB Seaweed Shampoo & Conditioner*. This line is absolutely perfect for when you have left you hair a day too long without washing and it needs a thorough cleanse to get rid of all the products you have in it and mostly likely a little too much dry shampoo. As I have coloured hair I tend to away from really clarifying products as it will break down the colour quickly but this has the balance that I needed, it boosts shine and leaves the hair soft yet manageable and makes brushing through an absolute doddle. As I use way too much heat on my hair the ends can become a little brittle and look a little raggedy so the Deeep Mask* is the once a week treat that my hair needs. It contains a lot of protein which is brilliant to put strength back into the hair but you do need be careful as using it too much can do the reverse and make the hair feel worse than it did originally. 

Now onto styling products, whilst my hair is damp I run the Grooming Creme through the ends to help smooth everything down and help it retain any style that I blow dry into it and before I start to do so I always put in a couple of spritz on the Thickening Hairspray through it. My hair needs all the help it can with adding volume and lift and this spray is one of the best I have found for it, not only does it lift my hair at the root it also adds thickness to the lengths. Ah the ever famous Surf Spray, what would I do without you? I always like to add a little bit of grit and texture to my hair when I have added some curls into it and this always delivers. I am not blessed with that natural surfer girl chic but for messy lived in waves like Alexa Chung I always spray this through dry hair, as it is a salt spray I try not to use too much as it can be drying so bare that in mind. With naturally dark locks I am lucky to have pretty glossy hair already but a day after washing I can find it looking a little dull so I reach for the Shine On Spray. Over use of this can lead to hair looking greasy so the best way I have found is simple spray it on a brush or comb and working it through that way and voila super shiny hair again. Finally is the Thickening Créme Contour working a small amount through my roots and a little on the lengths gives lift and body and works especially well at defining curls. Again like the shine spray a little goes a long way so be careful with how much you apply to the hair as a little too much can lead to an undesirable look. 

What is your favourite Bumble and Bumble product?
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