Introducing the Advertisers on From Roses #1

Last month I introduced advertising on From Roses and I was so pleased with the response it received and I hope that I can continue to this for the rest of the year. I have been introduced to some awesome new blogs through this and as it is becoming more and more difficult to find up and coming blogs now ever since Bloglovin scrapped that page. So let me tell you more about the lovely girls that have been on my sidebar during February & March. 

Let It Be Cosy is already one of my favourite lifestyle blogs around, the beautiful photography and variance in posts always makes me want more. If you are a lover of recipes suggestions that won't break the bank Rocio is your girl, every time I scroll through her blog I find myself practically salivating at my screen. With a dash of beauty and simple interior thrown in too I can't think of what more I would want to see from her. 

Melissa is the lovely writer of Melissa Loves This it was a name that I recognised from Twitter and comments in my posts so I was so happy to add a familiar face to my sidebar. A girl after my own heart with her simple taste in interiors and I'm currently coveting after her cactus terrarium which you can spy in this post. Not only do we have similar taste with home decor we also share a love for striped tops and rabbit stationary holders. 

Makeup Life and Love is written by Jamie, not only does she write for her own blog she is the beauty editor for the online & printed magazine IONA. As a make up artist she has that professional insight to the industry but I never feel out of my depth when reading her features she has a real way of making things understandable for us everyday girls who just simply love beauty. If you are looking for an honest look on the latest releases look no further than Makeup Life and Love

Cherry is the author the beauty and fashion blog Cherry Pie a PR graduate based in the south of England. A flair for combining all elements of everyday life and showing the beautiful sights of the coast and has got me missing living by the beach for sure. I can't get enough of the array of flowers showed in her beauty posts especially we all know how much a soft spot I am for bunch of fresh blooms. 

The first online boutique to be featured is Gispsy Dharma which stocks unique handmade clothing and leather boots for woman. If you are looking for a truly individual online store than take a look at this store as you won't be disappointed. 

Be sure to check out these lovely blogs too: 

So there we have it the lovely ladies who have been featuring on my side bar and it has a pleasure seeing them there too. If you're interested in advertising on From Roses please click here or drop me at