The do it all balms

Balms like this have a special place in that lazy girl heart of mine and I think they always will. Multi purpose products in any shape are always a welcome in my routine whether that be skincare or beauty they are something I always like to have by my side. Who wants to have 3-4 products when you could have one that did everything you wanted and even more? 

I can't think of any product that has as many uses as the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream loved by beauty addicts, make up artists and well just about everybody who has given it a go. My favourite use for this is an overnight lip balm even using the tiniest amount of this can fix any signs of dry, flaky and cracked skin, I really do hail this is it can anything balm. I have also used it on bruises, grazes, burns and any dry patch that appears on any inch of my body. A holy grail product for MUA's at fashion week used as a highlighter across the cheekbones and I am kicking myself for not using it as I can see how it would be a beautiful dewy highlight. Not quite under the balm category and more an oil when warmed up is the Botanics Super Balm and if my skin is feel really tired and de-hydrated I work this over a moisturiser and let it work its magic and by morning everything is normally back in check. It can be used anywhere though and I have found it particularly good for massaging into my cuticles as they can become quite dry in the winter time. Not something I would advise to use all over the face often as it contains quite heavy ingredients such as shea butter and rosehip oil. 

Another nail favourite is the Cath Kidston multi purpose balm again just applied to my cuticles at night makes them look a lot healthier by morning time. Another thing I also use this for is dry heels, gross I know but if I have had a blister and it is healing I rub this onto it and it helps elevate any dryness.  I picked up the Figs & Rouge Balm when it was reduced to just a £1 in Boots and I originally thought it would make a good lip balm but it doesn't at all as it is quite gritty on the lips so I tend to use this on my elbows and knees as they can get horribly dry. Something else I could use any of these for is around my eyebrow area which I like to run something through to keep them healthy and flake free as that has happened before brow dandruff isn't a strong look. 

What is your favourite do it all balm?

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