The Trainer Trend

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past three years you will have noticed the influx of girls donning a pair of trainers which without would be probably be a smart outfit. As I was a teenager when the Myspace era really hit I am no stranger to wearing a pair of Vans slip ons which now happen to be all the rage clearly I was foreseeing the trend before it hit eh. But now there is more a wide range available up and down the high street and getting hold of a pair of size 3 New Balance is a lot easier now.  

There probably isn't a fashionista out there who doesn't own at least one pair of trainers, personally I would say it was the Scandinavian fashion bloggers who set the bar for it. Whilst I have always admired the ensembles that those girls put together I was always unsure if I could wear it myself as I have distinct fear of my feet looking big and I worry about how my legs look too, so I was always wary. Over the last couple of years though I finally found my feet (literally) and ever since have been adding to my collection and I am often scouring the internet to see what the new releases are. Like I said I have always been a Vans girl at heart but boy are they horrible to wear in I have scarred my ankles from wearing them with bare feet and moved onto less painful pastures. Converse should be a staple in anybodies wardrobe and I reach for my pair so often in summer it is surprising how clean they are. Paired with a slouchy jumper or t-shirt dress with a tote bag that is pretty much my go to outfit once it is warm enough for bare legs and I am counting down the days till I can take my tights off and not freeze to death. 

Then there is my beloved New Balance , I have owned a pair of 420's before but they were a tad too big for me so I ebay'd them and regretted it ever since. I picked up this burgundy and grey colour way last autumn and they have already payed for themselves, they are so comfortable to walk around the city in or even taking my little pup for a walk they just work for me. I am itching to pick up a pair of navy 410's but I am waiting for an ASOS code to be floating around and then I shall snap them up. Finally are the latest additions and I was a lucky girl and my boyfriend picked these up for and they are the tiffany blue Nike Stefan Janoski's, every since my uni days and seeing them in 50:50 in Bristol I have lusted after them but they aren't the easiest to track down in my tiny size. These are actually juniors which we spotted one day in our local Two Seasons and I got so excited it was probably quite sad but for four years I have been looking for them and that is a long time to long after a pair of shoes. Noted these aren't the comfiest things to wear in but now I have I just love them and they go with just about any outfit and I cannot wait to don them in summer time with a dress. The next Nikes I want to add to my collection are definitely a pair of Cortez's or the Free's or Rosche's so we shall see which ones I pick. 

Are you a trainer fan?  

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