Big Hair in a Bottle

These volumising sprays are being released left right and centre and of course we all known my on going quest for seriously big hair so these were bound to be joining my stash at some point. My hair is very fine but there is a lot of it so it isn't quite the thickness of my hair that is the issue it just that it doesn't hold any body unless I have sprayed it with enough dry shampoo to sink a ship. I think we all know what product started of this entire craze and it was the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray but honestly for £39 there was no way I was going to spend more on a hair product that I do my weekly food shop. 

I have tried a couple of these before and happily sprayed my way through the Vo5 Give Me Texture Dry Spray and it was good, smelt nice but didn't amaze me that much. Then I eyed up the Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Thickening Spray for a good few months and came close to purchasing it so many times but never quite got to the point of popping my pin in and pressing enter. So after umming and ahhhing I finally picked up the L'Oreal Volume Supersizing Spray whilst it was on offer many months back and picked up two. I like it, it's good and gives me a pretty good amount of volume when first sprayed in but it just doesn't last so I then have to use a hairspray which can weigh it down. 

Then along came the Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray after many rave reviews I finally just picked it up. This combines a texturising spray along side hairspray so it gives me the exact lift and hold I want plus it smells absolutely divine. Spritz in the root and then fluffed up to my required messy look it stays for a good 2 hours without dropping out and the body stays in my hair all day and even into the next day, even my boyfriend noticed my very bouncy hair. It does leave a slight matte look to the hair so if you are after something shine inducing then isn't for you. At £6.99 it isn't the cheapest option out there but it also isn't an purse wailing £40 so if you're wanting to get big hair on a budget then this is for you. 

Have you tried any of these sprays?

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