Testing Testing #1

I try out a lot of beauty products and sometimes they don't make it onto here for whatever reason, I might not like them or they might not have a place in a post. So here is the first in many posts to come I'm sure called 'Testing Testing' where I tell you about the items I have giving a fair trial throughout the past few weeks. Even though I do love to give some the latest release a go it is very rarely I run out and spend all my hard earned pennies on just one thing. So normally I wait a while and see just how good the latest things are and if people actually stick with them or not or just given into hype. 

I honestly have a problem when it comes to nail polish, I seem to pick up at least two in the space of the week and when I spotted Butter London in my local TK Maxx I of course picked up a couple, when the line got released into Boots last year the blogging community went a little wild. I honestly don't know why either, the formula is streaky, the brush is horribly fiddly and the wear time is absolutely dire and my nails can hold polish pretty well and for something that costs over £10 to chip within two hours I was absolutely horrified. I picked up the shade 'Fiver' and it is a really pretty colour granted it is a less neon version of Essie's Mint Candy Apple. I also did pick up a new base coat which is the Nail Foundation which thankfully is a whole lot better, it smoothes over any ridges I might have and leaves a matte base for any polish I might use on top.    

Like nail polish, I also have a massive soft spot for trying out foundation too. I'm on a strict foundation ban for the foreseeable future now until I get through of the ones that are getting a little old. Incase you haven't been on Twitter for the past month then you probably know that Tarte came to the UK finally, of course my Bloglovin feed has been filled to the brim with posts but when I see too much about a brand I just switch off. My friend Sophie didn't get on well with the Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush foundation so I have been giving it a whirl. This isn't for seriously pale girls at all it looks scarily orange in the tub but I use the tiniest amount and use it a setting powder pressed into the skin. It could be build up to be seriously high coverage without looking caky but my skin doesn't warrant that amount of product luckily. Another full coverage offering is the L'Oreal True Match Foundation, this had has a lot of hype recently and it is easy to see why. This is just such a simple product it gives a good level of cover without looking caked on and un-natural, probably one of the best foundations if your on a budget and after a natural look. 

I'm currently having a love affair with the Revlon Matte Balms and I finally found the shade Sultry after dragging my boyfriend round 4 different Boots on the hunt for it. Such a pretty vintage pink shade and I've already raved about the formula of these but it lasts a long time is easy to apply and touch up on the go and smells of mint (my favourite). Then is another blusher, because I obviously needed one you know and it's the Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush in the shade Charmed. It is quite like Sultry in colour but the formula is quite different it applies really quite wet but then dries to a matte finish, the texture almost reminds me of vaseline in the pot. MeMeMe were kind enough to send some pieces over for me to try and by far the star of the show is the MeMeMe Dark and Divine Mascara*. This is without a doubt is one of the best highstreet mascara's I have used it gives me the exact same results as the YSL Babydoll Mascara which is painful £24.50 and even better the MeMeMe option isn't so heavily fragranced. I have been using the MeMeMe Dew Pot in 'Coral Blossom'* as an eyeshadow base and it glides on easily and sorts out the discolouration on my lids whilst leaving a pretty wash of colour too. 

Skincare is something I take far too seriously but I think my actual complexion is far too important to mess around with so I had got stuck in a rut with products and wanted to brand out a little more. I had ran out of an actual manual exfoliation so I went for the Una Brennan Superfacialist Vitamin C Brighten Micro Polish Wash, longest name ever but it a lovely gentle scrub. It doesn't contain any harsh particles that could cause damage to my skin in the long run but buffs away at any flaky dead skin. A new brand to come into my life is the Claudia Lounch Hydrating Mango Face Cream* and the packaging alone is seriously lux but as is the price tag at £61.50. For the price this an investment but oh is it a good one, this packs a punch with hydration I've been using this AM & PM and it is heavy enough in the evening but light enough for the morning. The smell is absolutely beautiful so fresh and applying this is pretty dreamy but like I said for the price I expect nothing more. 

A Swiss brand called Helenere reached out to me and sent along a few products to try and these two have taken me by surprise, trying out new skincare brands has really opened me eyes to what is out there. The Gelenere Purifying Gel Cleanser* is a gentle foaming gel that removes all impurities and leaves the skin balanced. I've only used one gel cleanser before and it was the REN Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel and I liked it but always thought it was for more oily skins. This one however has been keeping my skin in check, keeping my skin balanced and happy is the best way for me to avoid any un necessary breakouts. Although it says it foams I haven't found that at all and it leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh without any tightness. Then is my favourite out the two and that is the Hedelweiss Cream Mask* this makes my skin even happier, it basically gives my skin a big drink of hydration without causing it to be oily and unruly. A thick cream that is left on for about 20 minutes and then massaged away it leaves me with a radiant and plump complexion. Again this brand is a little pricy but from what I have tried it is completely worth every penny. 

Have you given any of these products a go?

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