Leg Confidence in a Bottle

In general I'm a pretty confident girl and I don't have too many woes about my body but my leg confidence is lacking. I'm a pale girl and it doesn't bother me anywhere else but my legs which are practically transparent and the palest part of my body for some reason. I have quite curvy legs in fact when I have been tattooed on them getting whatever piece to sit right has always been quite the challenge so it isn't the shape of them that I don't like, there just a bit blugh to me. However I have a little secret weapon, well it isn't so secret now I'm telling the internet.

I'm not a fake tanner at all but gradual tanner is my best friend for just simply evening out my skin tone on my legs, it might sound a little strange but honestly hear me out. I've never been one to be really obsessed with being tanned but when your legs have a slight bit of colour for me I always think they just a look bit more healthy. I don't go to crazy with it but swiped over my legs with a mitt may I add to avoid streaks works wonders. Of course you need to make sure you exfoliate well before you apply anything tinted this so it doesn't stick to any dry patches. I have worked my way through the isles of Boots and plenty have come under my scrutiny and the best I have found is the Dove Summer Glow, the colour isn't a glorious shade of orange and although it does have a biscuit scent it doesn't last long at all. Once I have a more desirable glow on my pins it boosts my confidence so much that I don't worry about getting them and for £4.99 I will purchase again and again.

Are you a fan of the fake or gradual tanner kind?
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