A new Zara tote

Every single year for the past 4 or so I have picked up a new bag from Zara and of course this year is no different. I'm a big fan of tote bags for an everyday big handbag and this is the Soft Shopper Bag , it actually contains a pouch inside that has a zip so all my valuables are safe. I get quite paranoid with carrying open bags even though I'm rarely in London nowadays I still live in a big city and people could easily stick there hand in so the pouch adds security. It is a soft slouchy worn in reconstructed leather that pretty goes with any outfit I have worn it with, thats the joy of a black bag but I wish it did have gold details instead silver. 


I have the tendency to overfill bags to the point they weigh an absolute ton and my beloved Zara City Bag which is already pretty heavy was killing me to carry it. Even though this bag is pretty huge and could easily be used as an overnight bag I haven't been too bad at what I carry in it. Some days I do end up popping my laptop and a notepad and my diary but 80% of the time it is just my necessities. There's only four items I will never be without and it is my purse, phone, sunglasses and make up bag, even though I don't carry make up around on a daily basis this just carries all the essentials like hand sanitiser, hand cream and a mirror. I used to use my Whistles make up bag but I picked up this R bag from good old Primark which can hold more and it absolutely adorable.

Although were not properly into the real warm months in the UK we still do get some pretty bright days and the Ray-Ban Tortoise Clubmasters* which were a lovely gift from the Sunglasses Shop and haven't left my bag since they arrived. My purse is from Ted Bakerand it has a little sausage dog clasp which is the reason I bought it but it is nearing on two years old and it getting a little too worn. So I'm on the hunt for a new purse, I don't know whether to save up and splash out on a Mulberry I'm currently eyeing these up ones 12 and 3. However there are some beautiful ones in & Other Stories so I'm a little torn whether to splurge or save on this one. Even though I forgot to photograph my phone I couldn't help but share this adorable little case I found on eBay which I popped on Instagram a couple of days ago. I might be 23 but part of will always have a soft spot for Hello Kitty and Miffy, more like 23 going on 8 eh.  

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