The best from Organic Surge

Organic Surge is a brand that I have become very familiar with over the last year so I have rounded up my best products from the range that I have tried. One of the best things about the brand is that they aren't a brand that go under the 'natural' but not really umbrella when they say natural they mean it. Though that isn't what draws me to the brand I tend not too get involved into the whole green beauty debate as I just think if a product works for you then use it. 

So going in size order first of all is the Organic Surge Citrus Mint Shower Gel*, mint is my favourite scent to go into a shower gel as it just so fresh and with an added citrus tang to it this is just perfect for the mornings. It lathers up a storm and it has also been helping with a few small spots on my chest too which is a strange thing to say for a shower gel but it really does. Then is the latest release from the brand and it is the Organic Surge Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser* and we all know how loyal I am to my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish but dare I say this might have overtaken it? A unbelievably creamy formulation that helps remove any last bits of make up and leaves the skin soft and nourished, I'm not quite sure about the brightening element as I haven't noticed a huge difference but we shall see. I always use an exfoliating toner AM & PM and I have been following up with the Orange Flower Toner* most days and it is a lovely product. A simple toner than helps to add moisture back into the skin whilst pepping it up too, as it contains no alcohol it doesn't leave an uncomfortable tight feeling behind either. 

I have lost count at how many times I have mentioned the Organic Surge First Class Mask* which has the perfect balance of clarifying and hydrating. I never get a face full of spots after using this just a clearer looking complexion, this also doesn't dry to an uncomfortable cracking mess like some clay masks do so really easy to remove too. In the summer I suffer terribly with hayfever and my eyes are a puffy mess one summer hit and this Organic Surge Eye Gel* really helps. I actually keep in the fridge so I can apply it in the morning whilst I'm making my breakfast and it cools down the area so much and helps to sooth everything down too, side note: it also helps if you have been crying too. A product from the range that my boyfriend uses a loves is the Lavender Meadow Hand & Nail Cream*. His job is pretty tough on his hands and so is playing guitar so he uses this to help with any dryness or cracking and it works a treat and I don't feel like I'm holding the hand of the desert anymore. Finally is the Overnight Sensation Night Cream* which has a buttery thick consistency when you apply but it sinks in beautifully. For me I think this is incredibly similar to the Origins Night-a-Mins which I have used an entire pot of and love but I find them incredibly similar with the results that they give me. As the Organic Surge is 1/4 of the price of the Origins I would definitely suggest giving it a go. 

Have you tried anything from Organic Surge? 

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*This post does contain all press samples but is not sponsored I just really like the brand
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