Giving Gloss a Go

Lip gloss and bronzer are two beauty products I never purchase, bronzer just straight up doesn't suit me at all and lip gloss is just a little meh. I'm bad enough at not even applying lip stick even though I own a lot so what hope does a gloss have with me? But since these two beauties came into my life I have been making more of a conscience effort with giving a gloss a go. 

The main reason why I don't gravitate towards a gloss it that they are normally horrendously sticky and I have quite a lot of hair on that head of mine and as I'm a UK girl we have more than our fair share of blustery weather. Then that I don't like an overly glittery or shimmery lip or anything to shiny, but I think I might have found the answer to my gloss woes. The more demure option out the two is the Art Deco Hydra Lip Booster*  although it is quite pink in the tube but on the lips it is very sheer. If I don't fancy throwing on a lipstick underneath this is perfect as it deposits a small amount of colour and it just smoothes everything out without being too glossy. It isn't too sticky and wears evenly and doesn't leave any of those gross clumps of product around the lips. This beautifully packaged gloss is from the Clarins Opalescence collection and it's the Clarins Gloss Prodige Intense Shine & Colour in the shade 11 coral. This contains a lot of shimmer so I like to apply it sparingly and then work it in with my finger, the smell alone is just amazing as is the shade. Right now it is a little too summery for me but once those really warm months hit it will come into its own, again it is isn't too sticky and wears well. I can't say I'm still 100% with gloss but I'm getting there slowly but surely, is there anything I really need to give a go?

What is your favourite gloss? 
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