A full coverage affair

I often talk about my love for a more full coverage base offerings and throughout the years I have tried a fair few but only the best have made the cut. Whilst in the warmer months I do lean towards a lighter base but there is just something about that added level of coverage that always brings me back to them. After a good couple of years of not having the most desirable skin I'm pretty sure I have it etched on my brain that the scars those blemishes left behind are far more obvious than they are in reality. So here we have it the best of the best from the high street and the beauty counters and one wild card. 

The latest to join the ranks is the L'Oreal True Match foundation, this has had a lot of coverage on blogs recently and it is easy to see why. This range is one of the best for covering a large spectrum of skin tones which is one of the biggest issues surrounding budget bases. A liquid formulation that has one the most natural finishes I've ever used, no matter how much you build this up you never run the risk of overdoing it. If I'm ever in doubt I reach for this as it lasts well on more oily days but then doesn't cling to any dry patches either, it's a great all rounder option. During the first few months of the year I wore nothing but the Rimmel Match Perfection and I waxed absolute lyrical about it in this post and wore it here. Again this doesn't stick to any dry patches or melt of an oily complexion either, it leaves more of a satin finish to the skin which is great for dull skin days.

High end: 
Ahh Laura Mercier Silk Creme you were my first real foundation love and what I wore on the day I graduated. This offers a high level of coverage without being too heavy and un-natural it aims to give a luminous finish to the skin. A really thick formulation but with the use of something like the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush it blends in within seconds (I'm wearing it in this picture). The lasting power of this is absolutely unbelievable too so if you want a base that will really last you all day and well into the evening this is for you. I've already spoken in depth about the YSL Youth Liberator which you can read here and see in action here. I won't talk much more about it but I really do think this is a beautiful base option which I currently can't get enough of. 

Odd one out: 
I've never used a mineral foundation as my base before as I don't know why but in my head I can just never believe that a powder alone could give me the level of coverage that a liquid can. Sophie passed the along the Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush foundation after it was too dark for her and this is the lightest shade in the range but it really isn't fair in the slightest. I use the smallest amount of this for that factor alone and I use it only as a setting powder, it does leave a lovely finish to the skin and does create an airbrushed finish. I wouldn't buy this again just for the use of a setting powder but I'm still not totally convinced by mineral powder it's liquid all the way for me. 

Whats your favourite high coverage base?
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