Good on the inside

I know very little about diet and nutrition in general but the things I do know I try to stick by. Don't worry I'm not going to start preaching that you shouldn't eat sweets and donuts ever again because I would be hypocrite if I said that as I eat and love them too. However I truly believe that you could spend hundreds and thousands on the most amazing skincare the beauty departments have to offer but if you don't look after yourself on the inside it isn't going matter. 

My diet is not the best that it could and that is based on the sheer struggle it is to eat because of my stomach and painful it is. It breaks my heart because I absolutely LOVE food and I never realised how much I took advantage of years and years of being able to eat whatever I pleased. I don't eat 3 full meals a day and haven't for over a year now because I just can't however what I do eat I try my best to make sure it nutritional and gives me what I need day to day. I eat a lot of salad and fruit (nothing to acidic) as that is what I find the easiest to digest as anything that is too stodgy (white bread and pasta) is incredibly painful to stomach. 

Luckily I have always been a fan of fruit and salads although I can't stand cooked vegetables but I always love them raw. I'm not a vegetarian but at home I very rarely eat meat and will cook Quorn over it as it is just what I prefer to do and it is cheaper for me too. Hot meals are actually something that I try to avoid as they make me feel so sluggish but the combination of salad and something warm mixed it suits me down the ground. I try my best to eat as healthy as I possibly can as it is good for you and not as expensive as people believe and a while ago I saw the true benefits of it in my complexion. A few months a go I was only eating salads as my main meal whilst going through a particularly bad patch with my stomach and I couldn't help but notice the way my skin glowed. It wasn't just on my face either it was my entire body, I just looked so healthy even though I felt dire on the inside and it made me realise the importance of a good diet.

Of course I still eat sweets and chocolate but I eat them in moderation and I don't like to put sweets into my shopping basket and tend to save them to when I see my boyfriend as a treat. I also have this ethos in what I drink too in my household we never have fizzy drinks apart from the odd bottle of pink lemonade and it has always been that way since I was a child. I drink a lot of water because of the medication I take can really de-hydrate me and when I fancy something hot I have fruit tea and only one cup of coffee a day. Fizzy drinks to me are a treat and I only have them on the occasion that I eat out as they don't do me any good and they are completely addictive and I know as I went through a Dr Pepper obsession during university. 

When I have eaten complete rubbish it shows in my skin completely and my forehead becomes a spotty mess and my complexion looks lack lustre and dull. Throughout the beauty blogging world we go on and on about how important a good skincare routine is good but I believe without a good diet it is completely void. Something of a sweeter kind is nice of course it is but everything in moderation, looking after your body is vital as believe me you don't realise how much you will miss something when it doesn't work for you anymore. 

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