Hydration Heroes

The feeling of dry skin on my body is something I really can't stand, it makes me feel super uncomfortable and just irritable. I try to keep myself as hydrated as possible by drinking a lot of water throughout the day even if it does mean having the bladder capacity of a child. There are a few products I turn to on a daily basis to give me a helping hand in the ever going struggle to be completely hydrated. Some areas I can allow to be a little slippy but things like my hands and face have a fine line between moisturised and greasy. 

Starting from the bottom (now we here, I'm sorry I just can't help myself sometimes) I always make sure I keep my feet in check. Gross topic I know but the feeling of dry cracking feet is not something I like in my life so I use the Soap & Glory Heel Genius daily. This helps with any dryness that I might have and is amazing to use if you have been on your feet all day as it is quite cooling as it contains peppermint. I can't get enough of Jurlique at the moment and I've been using the Jurlique Rose Hand Cream on a every couple of hours basis as it lives on my desk. I love using this throughout the day and it gives such a boost of moisture to my hands and cuticles (they are like the Sahara) but it doesn't make them sticky or greasy which is a complete no go for me when I'm typing all day. 

A luxury but beautiful product is the Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Body Soufflé it not only makes me smell like a battenburg but it also hydrates my skin like nothing else. I can be quite picky with body moisturiser as I don't like things to just sit on top of the skin they have to sink in and this does within seconds. Seriously expensive but a couple of great alternatives are the Body Shop Body Butters and the Soap & Glory Butter Yourself and those are what I reach for on a daily basis as I like to save the Laura Mercier  for more special occasions.  A lip balm that has a lot of hype in the beauty world is the Nuxe Reve de Miel* and once you use it you can understand why. It is a thick buttery consistency which I admit I do slather on liberally when I'm going to bed but it leaves my lips so soft and hydrated it is absolutely beautiful and worth far more than the £10 price tag. 

My face is the least dry part of my body but it can get really dehydrated at times and something I've been testing out lately is the Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Daily Moisture Balancing Serum with Antioxidant Complex*. The winner of the worlds longest title serum without a doubt but this delivers exactly what is says on the tin, it keeps my complexion balanced without overloading it which something I strive for in my routine. Throughout the winter time and going in and out of air conditioned environments my skin can freak out a little and I will always reach for the Origins Drink up Intensive mask. I use this as an overnight treatment to replenish anything that has been lost but something I like to reach for as a more concentrated boost of moisture is the Helenere Hedelweiss Cream Mask*

What are your favourite hydrating products?

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