The green beauty debate

Within the last year or so there has been a lot of talk within the beauty world about green beauty and if it is in fact the best way to go with your skincare and whether natural really is best? I think skincare is incredibly subjective and really unless you are talking to a skincare consultant you have to read blogs with a pinch of salt because what works for one doesn't work for all. 

The whole term 'natural' is a huge grey area within cosmetics as a brand can easily market themselves that way but in-fact they aren't natural at all. There is a lot of differences between natural, organic, green and vegan and it is really hard to actually see past all the jargon and get down to what is what. For me to be completely honest I'm not one who has particularly ever really strived for green beauty as I have found what skincare works for me and I like to stick with it. My skin however can incredibly sensitive to natural ingredients yet with non natural skin care I've been completely fine for the most part. I'm one of the people who doesn't react to mineral oil either so for me I don't really see the point of avoiding it, if you want to know more on the subject read this post.

Like I said I've experienced more breakouts when trying to go for a green skincare routine then I ever have with something that is chemically tested so for me it just doesn't work for my entire routine. Really heavy ingredients like shea butter give me terrible spots but some natural ingredients like tea tree and aloe vera work really well for me so it is completely trial and error. It is hard to see beyond the buzz that surrounds this and think well it is natural so it must be better when in-fact that isn't the case at all. I've spoken about using products that work for you and I will say it again as it is so easy to get sucked into the hype of new amazing wonder products that might not work for you and it is just money down the drain. I used to be a prime case of this I would shell out of products because I believe if it worked for others then it would obviously work for me but now I really pay attention to my skin and really go for a more minimal routine than piling on layers and layers of serums. 

If I was to go for a completely natural routine I would like to have this ethos in the rest of my life too as personally I would rather eat completely organic than use an all green beauty routine. Of course this is my opinion but I would feel a little silly if I was so stuck on being that way when it came to skincare but not caring about what I was using on the rest of my face as people do seem to forget this ethos when it actually comes down to make up items. I've been fooled way too many times with brands too that say they are all green but really they aren't so doing your own research is key. Skin care is a personal thing it isn't something that can easily be recommended it isn't as simple as blush or lipstick.  

What are your thoughts on green beauty?
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