Things I've learnt in my 20's

So today I turn 24 and I couldn't be happier about it, I'm one of those people who doesn't like being an uneven age. I thought it would be interesting to really look back through the past three years and see how much I've learnt not only about myself but some pretty important life lessons that I'm sure we all go through at some point. I by no means think I'm wise at all by writing this post either believe me I'm still pretty naive in a lot of aspects but who isn't? 

  • Being confident is vital in life.
  • Doing what you want in your work instead of what you think you should be doing will become what your most proud of. 
  • Break ups really hurt. 
  • Things really do happen for a reason. 
  • Cutting out people is hard but necessary. 
  • Health is more important than money could ever be. 
  • Never let somebody tell you what you should be doing with your life. 
  • Everybody needs a rest once in a while. 
  • People will do anything to make you feel bad in order to make themselves feel good. 
  • Technology breaks, back everything up...twice.
  • You will lose friends.
  • But you will make new ones.
  • Making mistakes is more important than you think. 
  • If you want something then you work for it, don't sit around and wait for it to fall into your lap. 
  • Stop worrying about every single thing. 
  • Your skin will get better just leave it alone. 
  • If things are meant to be then they will be.
  • It's ok that you don't live in London.
  • Stripes will become a serious obsession.
  • As will stationary but that is no shock.
  • Living without a parent gets easier.
  • Hair grows.
  • Your best friend will become like your family.
  • People do shitty things, don't rise to them.
  • You can be in a relationship that makes you so happy that you've never cried once in 10 months. 
  • Buying fresh flowers will become a treat. 
  • Home decor is way more exciting than night out could ever be. 
  • Sarcasm levels will reach an all time high by the age of 23.
  • From Roses will always be a beautiful song. 
  • You will stop caring what strangers think of you.
  • Being single is necessary at some point in your twenties. 
  • Donuts forever.
  • Everybody should be a little bit sassy. 
  • You will become obsessed with serial killer documentaries. 

There are so many more things I could say but I think I will just leave it here, what have you learnt in your twenties?
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