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I'm all about telling you guys about my beauty routines and habits but what about the other lovely ladies in my life? I shared my sisters beauty stash here but I thought it might be fun to share the contents of my best friends make up bag. I very rarely talk about the people in my real life on this little internet space of mine but now she writes for my online magazine A Little Opulent you might have noticed her name popping up here and there.

I've known Anne since the grand old age of 9 when we met in the playground of middle school, she actually complimented me on my shoes as we've been friends ever since. We then became absolutely inseparable at 15/16 when we both went through that 'scene' stage of our teens which involved a lot of gig, trips to Nottingham and many hours sat in Subway. Throughout our time at university we lost touch but then became close again just before I graduated and since 2012 we've barely left each others side. Last year she saw me go through a horribly rough time and to be honest I would have been completely lost without her she is my right arm.

A little background about Anne's skin is that it's very dry and sensitive with the odd eczema patch from time to time. Just like me she a fair skinned girl but she has more of a neutral tone as well as freckles that like to come out once she has spent the day in the sun. Now onto the make up, she never uses a primer so goes straight in with foundation first and in the day time for work she uses the L'Oreal True Match in N1 and for evenings out she goes for the Laura Mercier Silk Creme. To conceal any dark circles or any imperfections she goes for either the 17 Stay Time or the Collection Lasting Perfection and sets it all with a powder. To add definition to her face she uses the Bourjois Bronzing Powder and uses the rule of 3 and then a little bit on her nose too. 

You can tell who she takes her beauty advice from with the next product being one of my all time favourites too, this Stila blush palette is probably one her favourite items as all the shades are beautiful and have killer lasting power too. Her go to shades are peony and gerbera which she applies on a Real Techniques Stippling Brush and then with her finger she will apply the shade kitten as a highlight. For eyes Annes signature look is 40's cat flick which she has been doing for years and could probably do in her sleep at this point. The best one that she has found is the L'Oreal Precision Superliner  and although she isn't picky about mascara she does like ones that have a large brush to help provide volume and lift. Eyeshadow is a no go for her and her eyes are incredibly sensitive so she tends to avoid it as nobody likes having watery eyes. 

As a natural blonde she struggles with her brows and eyelashes so she does get them tinted to help bring the shade up a few notches and then uses a clear gel through her brows and then fills them in with a shadow. For more of a strong brow she reaches for the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil which is a good shade match for her as finding a shade for blondes can be tough. Finally Anne has 3 lip options that she is very loyal too, for a balm she uses the Korres Lip Butter in guava, day to day she goes for the Bourjois Rouge Edition in shade 4 and finally for a night out she uses the Topshop Lipstick in Ohh La La. 

Of course what kind of post would be without throwing some pictures in of the two of us? As you can see we were quite the MySpace kids during our teens. Like I mentioned this girl is practically my right arm, I would be completely lost with her she supports me through everything. She was one of the first readers of From Roses and continues to be my biggest support to this day with every career choice I've made. Last year when I was in hospital and was seriously ill she came and sat by my bed and then when I was at home came and sat in my bed with me to keep me company. Our in jokes are some of the best around even though nobody else will ever understand how funny the word 'shoes' can be when mispronounced. There isn't much more I can say to explain how much I love her, even though I tell her this on pretty much a daily basis I'm just so lucky to call her my best friend. 

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