One Last Shadow

My MAC quad well technically it is a trio but you know for namesake it is a quad is one of my most used beauty items. Yet it has never really had its debut on my blog, I don't know why either as like I stated in my post yesterday it is something that I can always rely on. Noted I'm pretty boring with my shadow choices and I'm always playing it safe and very rarely venture out of my comfort zone however I'm looking for that one last shadow to complete the quad. 

The current shades I have at the moment are Naked Lunch, Shroom and Mystery. Two all over the lid colours and then one is what I use through my eyebrows. I like a neutral shimmery shadow all over my lid and I've found mixing Naked Lunch and Shroom together give me the perfect everyday colour. On it's own NL is a little too pink for my liking so with a little bit of Shroom it neutralises it and Shroom can work on its own as a highlight or inner corner highlight. 

Mystery is the perfect brow shade for me, it sits completely neutral as some brown shades can be either be too ashy or red toned. The quality of MAC shadows are undeniably good and it is easy to see why people have such large collections of them. So now I turn to you guys for a little bit of advice, I'm after a shade that I can still wear everyday but will bring a little more definition to my eyes. I'm a green eyed girl with a pale complexion, so I want something that will enhance my eye colour but isn't too much for day to day wear. 

Answers on a postcard would be much appreciated
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